2% Cash Discount 10 days - net 30 days.

Freight Charges prepaid and allowed on 500 lbs. or more.

No responsibility can be assumed for losses, damages or delays caused by fires, strikes or contingencies beyond our control.

When ordering, always give the Figure Number as shown in the catalog.

Black will be shipped unless Galvanized is specified.

J-Series Unions will be shipped on orders for 300 pound Unions unless otherwise specified.

Orders for Engineered Specialties are not subject to cancellation after manufacture of the material has been started.

We guarantee all Jefferson products to the extent that we will replace any Unions having manufacturing defects.

We cannot make allowances or be responsible for labor or expense required to repair defective goods.

Our responsibility in all cases is limited to the price of the defective material.

When goods are delivered to carrier in good order, the carrier becomes responsible for losses or damage in transit.

No claim will be allowed unless made within ten days of receipt of shipment.